Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP)

An Agreed-Upon Procedures engagement is a report of factual findings based on specific procedures performed on a subject matter of the organization’s choosing.

Audit Peak will provide a report of factual findings independently derived with no bias.

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AUP Engagements

A report based on factual findings

An AUP is performed when an organization and one or more specified parties require Audit Peak to independently evaluate a subject and issue a report of factual findings based on specific procedures performed by Audit Peak. The specified parties assume responsibility for the sufficiency of the procedures since they best understand their own needs. Audit Peak performs the procedures in accordance with attestation standards and provides a report of factual findings, restricted to the specified parties that agreed to the procedures, void of any assurances, conclusions or any expressed opinions. The engaging party and other intended users must draw their own conclusions from Audit Peak’s findings.

AUP engagements have several advantages. Since the needs of the specified parties may vary widely, the nature, timing, and extent of the AUP may vary as well. AUPs can be performed at any time during the year, the engagements are usually cost effective since the focus is based on a specific subject matter, and the findings are independently derived with no bias.

While usually directed towards engagements regarding financial information, AUP is also useful for engagements regarding non-financial information or operational processes. An AUP may be needed to advance a business transaction, verify accounts receivable or accounts payable processes are operating effectively, verify the controls for an application hosted for a specific customer are operating effectively, etc.

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