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Industries We Serve

Audit Peak works with clients across a wide spectrum of industries, providing a true ‘value added’ approach to understanding client needs and the challenges they face. Our company provides a forward-thinking, relationship-driven, and strategic approach designed to help clients succeed. A brief list of the major industries we service are listed below:




Real Estate

Banking & Finance



Scientific & Technical


Energy & Utilities

Oil & Gas


Our Methodology

How We Work With Our Clients

Proper PREParation prevents poor performance. Client relationships are the foundation of our business and Audit Peak has a client focused and quality driven PREPared methodology focused on collaboration, helping the client to understand the audit process and presenting work that meets the highest standards.

During the PLANNING phase the objectives and goals of the engagement are defined, as well as how the objectives and goals will be achieved. Accountability, milestones and deadlines are set. Procedures are outlined and risks are presented. This phase helps to efficiently allocate time and resources and ensures that both the Client and Audit Peak have a full understanding of the engagement and the commitments. The frequency and method of communicating project statuses and updates are also established during this phase.

During the REQUESTS phase there is an initial gathering of evidence and any information that is necessary to conduct the audit. This phase includes requesting samples for testing, and evaluations of accuracy and completeness of populations and information are performed. Information relating to processes and procedures are requested and reviewed for alignment with policies and related controls.

During the EXAMINATION phase Audit Peak examines all of the evidence and information gathered. This phase involves inquiries, observations, walk-throughs, overseeing and verifying processes, and requesting additional information. Audit observations, potential findings, and recommendations are discussed with the client as they are identified. Audit Peak will keep the client informed on all evidence gathering and testing activities and will provide continuous project statuses and updates to the client.

The PRESENTATION phase results in a final report deliverable to the client. Audit findings, conclusions, and specific recommendations are officially communicated to the client through the draft report. Clients have the opportunity to respond to the draft report and submit responses to audit findings (if any). These responses become part of the final report. The draft report will be provided within two (2) weeks of the last day of the EXAMINATION phase, and a final report will be provided within 30 days.

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